International repatriation of the deceased, Funeral repatriation Europe, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, International funeral services
Перевозки умерших из Европы, Доставка тел умерших Европа, Украина, Россия, Польша, Италия, США
Перевезення померлих з Європи, Перевезення померлих США, Італія, Польша, Росія, Чехія, Україна

Funeralia - russian & ukrainian speaking Funeral Home in Europe

Unfortunately, a person's life can suddenly break away from his native city.
And often it happens that relatives and friends of the deceased don't know what to do next.
In this case, everyone can contact us for 24h consultation and order funeral transportation of the deceased from/to Europe, the USA, Canada, the countries of Africa and Asia etc.

FUNERALIA is an international funeral home with extensive experience, which, without intermediaries, carries out the transportation of the deceased from Europe to their homeland, funeral services in Poland, Italy, Germany and other European countries.
Answers to all your questions about the repatriation of the bodies of the dead from Europe to their homeland - 24h.

For more than 8 years we have been successfully cooperating with embassies, consulates, insurance & assistance companies and government agencies in all countries of Europe and the CIS with the aim of repatriating the deceased abroad or from abroad.

International Funeral Bureau in Europe FUNERALIA is a member of FIAT-IFTA.
Thanks to many years of cooperation with FIAT-IFTA, we will organize the repatriation of the deceased from anywhere in the world.

We guarantee:

  • Consultations on the repatriation of bodies and funerall services in Europe & overseas 24h
  • Fast deadlines for the repatriation of bodies from Europe and around the world
  • Safe, new and comfortable funeral transport
  • The lowest price of repatriation of a coffin with a body from Europe & overseas.
Международные ритуальные услуги Италия Польша Европа США Россия Украина
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